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Spring has sprung!

At the end of March, WBNH and a host of friends and partners concluded a most exciting Share, our annual 3-day fund-raiser!  In the last hour, God once again provided the funds needed to reach and even exceed our goal!  What a blessing to know that He is always faithful and that our partners continue to stand with us in this ministry. 

As we now enter my favorite time of year, spring and early summer, we’re reminded of God’s faithfulness once again.  Just look around yourself every day and you’ll see the sovereignty of God.  The birds, plants, grass and soon, the fields, will come alive with new birth, new growth, something that only our God can provide.

When spring comes each year, it’s easy to enjoy the great weather and God’s creation outside.  But, we must not forget the needs of many of His children on the inside.  Hopelessness, despair, loneliness and generally unhappiness of all kinds can be seen on the faces of people we meet every day.  Singer Steve Green said it best – people need the Lord!

One way to feed many in a spiritual way is through Christian radio.  And the need - the hunger - doesn’t stop when the weather turns nice.  People still need the Lord….still love Christian radio.  And that’s why we say thank you to those of you who give to this ministry not just during a short, annual fundraiser, but you give regularly all year long.

We thank you that you that you consider not only your craving for God’s word every day, but that you think of the spiritual needs of others who enjoy the radio ministry, too.

Friend, if you have not done so, would you consider a gift to WBNH on a regular, monthly basis?  It doesn’t have to be a large gift each month, as God will take it and multiply it handsomely!  And it’s easy to set up a monthly donation.  Just contact us at 309/636-8850.

And thank you for allowing God to use you to help keep His radio ministry sharing the Good News to many here in Central Illinois and beyond.


-The WBNH Staff 
Jim, Keith, Daniel, Carla, and Theresa
Your friends at WBNH 88.5FM


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