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Moody Founder’s Week, February 5–9

Founder's Week commemorates the Feb. 5 birthday of world-renowned 19th century pastor, preacher and Moody Bible Institute founder, Dwight Lyman Moody. Listen to the live evening sessions on WBNH from February 5–9 @ 7pm, which will include speakers from the Chicago area, nationally and abroad! Moody Bible Institute students in Chicago, faculty and Moody employees will join attendees from Chicagoland, the nation and the world. This year’s theme for Founder’s Week is "One New People" and will feature today’s foremost Christian teachers and leaders and give a new perspective on Christ’s work of unity. To view the 2018 schedule, click here.

We Say Thank You!

A New Year always brings with it endless possibilities! New things, new ideas, new assignments, new occupations, new beginnings! As 2018 brings us renewed hope in our Savior, Jesus Christ, we here at WBNH want to again thank you for being a partner in this radio ministry. We enjoyed making new friends in 2017, renewing friendships of those we love and benefitting from God’s provision through His people. And that’s what this ministry is all about – God’s children. And that includes you! There are more reasons for thanksgiving -

  • We praise our great God in Heaven for things that we here in America take for granted: Good food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and more!
  • We thank God for reasonably good health! And for life itself! As we age we tend to hear and experience life-changing events regarding health every day. We cannot take this for granted, either!
  • We thank God for purpose, our reason to be here. He gives us tasks to complete, our jobs and gifts and talents to do work. But we remember that we’re here first to serve Him!
  • We thank God for America. We thank Him that we have a country that allows us freedom to worship, freedom to express ourselves and freedom to come and go as we please. Let’s pray that these blessings will continue!
  • We praise God today for our families, including our immediate family members, our spouses, and extended family members. We pray for and thank God for the WBNH Family, a most precious group who joins this ministry regularly. That probably includes you!
  • We thank God for the physical part of this radio ministry and what it means to so many of God’s children that support and benefit from it. We thank Him for the technology that keeps the signal strong each day.
  • Finally, and most of all, we thank God for His creation, His goodness, His faithfulness, His sovereignty, His omnipresence, His grace, His mercy and especially, His Son. There is not enough room here to write how thankful we should be!

Our hope this year is that you, listening friend, would be blessed in many ways. We pray for God’s direction in 2018. We pray that multiple blessings could be yours, and that God would get all the glory, honor and praise for the success all of us would enjoy this year.

May you be blessed indeed in 2018!


-The WBNH Staff 
Jim, Keith, Daniel, and Carla
Your friends at WBNH 88.5FM


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