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Joy Starts Here! Conference

Oct 3, 2013 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 AM

Joy Starts Here – With You!

Joy means we are glad to be together. Smiles appear and faces light up. Joy is a high-energy state that, when shared, produces strong bonds and loving relationships. The painful absence of joy leaves us disconnected, dry, even depressed. We crave joy for our relationships. Three ideal windows exist for joy to begin. 

Joy at home. With joy, marriages thrive. Couples connect and return to joy. Family members feel seen and valued. When joy levels sink, however, families argue and disconnect. Television and pseudo-joys consume relational space and energy. Marriages crumble. Children cry.      

Joy at school. With joy, students belong and blossom. The classroom becomes a safe haven to grow and develop new skills. Teachers and administrators feel refreshed and provide creative opportunities to learn. When joy is missing, however, people wear masks. Bullying spreads. Weaknesses are despised. Addictions flourish. 

Joy at church. With joy, church members are glad to be together. Relationships stay bigger than programs, problems and pet peeves. Staff members smile after meetings. People feel connected and bring their friends. Missionaries succeed. The Gospel spreads. When joy levels drop people give up. Wounds fester. Conflicts produce chaos. Hope is crushed. Isolation increases along with guilt. Leaders crash. Observers shake their heads.      

Discover the transformation zone where joy grows. Attend Joy Starts Here presented by Life Model Works:

October 3-5, 2013 at 

New Life Christian Church (401 Edgewood Court, Morton, Illinois 61550)

This joy-starting event will feature an incredible line-up of speakers who will help you discover how to start joy in your family, church and school.

Location: New Life Christian Church (401 Edgewood Court, Morton, Illinois 61550)

Contact: Kurt Smith 309-367-4020

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