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Alistair Begg TRUTH FOR LIFE with Alistair Begg
Pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, OH
M-F 5:00am
Ravi Zacharias JUST THINKING with Ravi Zacharias
Apologist & President of RZIM - Atlanta, GA
M-F 5:35am & 1:30pm
David Jeremiah TURNING POINT with David Jeremiah
Pastor of Shadow Mtn Church - San Diego, CA
M-F 6:00am & 6:00pm
Pastor Ron Zappia - Chicago, IL
M-F 6:30am
James MacDonald WALK IN THE WORD with James MacDonald
Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel - Rolling Meadows, IL
M-F 9:00am & 9:00pm
Chip Ingram LIVING ON THE EDGE with Chip Ingram
Founder & Teaching Pastor of LOTE - Atlanta, GA
M-F 9:30am, Sat 6:30am, Sun 10pm
chapell.jpg GRACE ALIVE! with Bryan Chapell
Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church - Peoria, IL
Sun 9:00am
Ritch Birkel KNOWING CHRIST with Ritch Boerckel
Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church - Peoria, IL
Sun 11:00am
harkness.jpg COMPLETELY HIS with Tim Harkness
Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel - East Peoria, IL
Sun 7:00pm


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Colin Smith UNLOCKING THE BIBLE with Colin Smith
Pastor of Orchard Evangelical Free Church - Arlington Hts, IL
M-F 10:00am; Sun 4:30pm
Tony Evans THE ALTERNATIVE with Tony Evans
Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship - Dallas, TX
M-F 11:00am
Erwin Lutzer RUNNING TO WIN with Erwin Lutzer
Sr. Pastor of the Moody Church - Chicago, IL
M-F 11:30am
ford.jpg TREASURED TRUTH with James Ford Jr.
Pastor of Christ Bible Church - Chicago, IL
M-F  1:00pm & Sun 5:30am 
Kay Arthur POWERPOINT with Jack Graham
Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist - Plano, TX
M-F 9:27pm
Jeff Schwarzentraub FULLY ENGAGED with Jeff Schwarzentraub
Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel - Denver, CO
Sun 4:00pm
mincy.jpg CHALLENGE FROM CORNERSTONE with Mark Mincy
Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church - Morton, IL
Sun 11:30am