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John MacArthur PORTRAITS OF GRACE with John MacArthur
M-F 4:20am
gauger.jpg TODAY IN THE WORD DEVOTIONAL with Jon Gauger
M-F 1:24pm
Sat 6:24am
Sun 6:13am & 6:26pm
Crawford Loritts LEGACY MOMENT with Crawford Loritts
M-F 4:42pm
Ron Hutchcraft A WORD WITH YOU with Ron Hutchcraft
M-F 5:50am
stonestreet2.jpg BREAKPOINT with John Stonestreet
M-F 5:31am, 10:25am
Jeff Schwarzentraub FULLY ENGAGED MINUTE with Jeff Schwarzentraub
M-F 8:31am, 9:26pm
Mary Whelchel CHRISTIAN WORKING WOMAN with Mary Lowman
M-F 7:25am
Sat 5:30am
Anne Graham Lotz DAILY LIGHT FOR DAILY LIVING with Anne Graham Lotz
M-F 7:15am
Nancy Leigh DeMoss SEEKING HIM with Nancy Leigh DeMoss-Wolgemuth
M-F 2:43pm
Dan Seaborn WINNING AT HOME MOMENT with Dan Seaborn
M-F 8:30am
Miriam Neff NEW BEGINNINGS with Miriam Neff
M-F 8:45am
Christin Ditchfield TAKE IT TO HEART with Christin Ditchfield
M-F 9:26am
Bob Moeller MARRIAGE MINUTE with Bob Moeller
M-F 10:30am
Melvin Banks DAILY DIRECTION with Melvin Banks
M-F 11:25am
Chuck Bentley MY MONEY LIFE with Chuck Bentley
M-F 11:27pm & 7:53pm
Jim Burns HOMEWARD SNAPSHOTS with Jim Burns
M-F 2:10pm
Gary Chapman A LOVE LANGUAGE MINUTE with Gary Chapman
M-F 6:26pm & 8:44pm
Ian Taylor CREATION MOMENTS with Ian Taylor
M-F 1:26pm
Dennis Rainey REAL FAMILY LIFE with Dennis Rainey
M-F 5:43pm
Steve Douglass LIGHTHOUSE REPORT with Steve Douglass
M-F 4:15pm, 3:28am
slattery-dillow.jpg AUTHENTIC INTIMACY with Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow
M-F 8:13pm
stonestreet2.jpg THE POINT with John Stonestreet
M-F 4:17pm
chapman-g.jpg TOGETHER IN THE WORD with Gary Chapman
M-F 4:15pm
Charles Morris HAVEN NOW with Charles Morris
M-F 4:43pm
John Ankerberg THE ANKERBERG MINUTE with John Ankerberg
M-F 5:06pm
anderson.jpg THE POINT OF VIEW with Kerby Anderson
M-F 5:15pm
cline.jpg BEYOND THE CALL with Ron Cline
M-F 5:17pm
David Gibbs III THE LEGAL ALERT with David Gibbs III
M-F 5:47pm
Chuck Swindoll INSIGHTS with Chuck Swindoll
M-F 2:45pm
Jim Garlow THE GARLOW PERSPECTIVE with Jim Garlow
M-F 4:16pm
James MacDonald LISTEN UP with James MacDonald
M-F 2:09, 8:43pm
Max McLean LISTEN TO THE BIBLE with Max McLean
M-F 10:30pm
Luis Palau REACHING YOUR WORLD with Luis Palau
M-F 12:28am


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