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Moody Founder’s Week, February 5–9

Founder's Week commemorates the Feb. 5 birthday of world-renowned 19th century pastor, preacher and Moody Bible Institute founder, Dwight Lyman Moody. Listen to the live evening sessions on WBNH from February 5–9 @ 7pm, which will include speakers from the Chicago area, nationally and abroad! Moody Bible Institute students in Chicago, faculty and Moody employees will join attendees from Chicagoland, the nation and the world. This year’s theme for Founder’s Week is "One New People" and will feature today’s foremost Christian teachers and leaders and give a new perspective on Christ’s work of unity. To view the 2018 schedule, click here.

WBNH Schedule:
Monday, Feb. 5 @ 7pm - James Meeks
Tuesday, Feb. 6 @ 7pm - Mike Bullmore
Wednesday, Feb. 7 @ 7pm - Ralph West
Thursday, Feb. 8 @ 7pm - James MacDonald
Friday, Feb. 9 @ 7pm - Matt Chandler

Moody Founder's Week Website