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“Secrets From the Garden”  |  April 3, Good Friday @ 8:00pm

For many Christians, Gethsemane is a brief rest stop on the way to the main story — the cross. But there are critical questions that demand explanation. What is the real truth about Jesus sweating “as it were drops of blood?” When Jesus prayed, “Not my will but thine be done” exactly what did He want us to learn? The answers to these questions and more are revealed through interviews and sounds from Israel, combined with dramatic vignettes and original music score to paint a dramatic Easter landscape.

“Risen Indeed”  |  April 5, Easter Sunday @ Noon

This Easter, join with us to take a powerful, personal look at the resurrection of Jesus Christ. "Risen Indeed" combines stimulating insights mixed with traditional resurrection songs as hosts Charlie Dyer and Jon Gauger, from Moody Radio’s The Land and the Book, interview Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, Jonny Diaz, Ernie Haase and country legend Charlie Daniels.


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